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Daniela Rossi is an emerging filmmaker and creative based in Stockholm, Sweden. She has primarily worked as a commercial and music video producer, but is now moving into both film and creative directing. Known for endless multitasking, or 'getting shit done' - her knack for creative problem solving gives her way more satisfaction than it should.

While sometimes it may seem that she has her fingers in too many pies, what ties all her work together is Storytelling - whether it be through film, design, writing or experiences.

She is inspired by real people, recognising the beauty in both ‘ordinary’ and ‘extraordinary’ stories, and is driven by communicating complexity through empathy. This perspective helps her craft narratives that touch upon relatable truths, a common thread that guides her work.

Born in Melbourne, Australia to Italian parents, she studied Journalism, Cinema and Education, travelling around Europe and the US in-between. In 2015, she made the move to Sweden, where, after a lifetime of adoring film, she finally began her career in it.

In August 2018, Daniela joined the new Content Developer program at Hyper Island, where she is developing her skills in film and creative direction, applying a business mindset along the way.

While studying until the end of 2019, Daniela is developing her own documentary and narrative projects, and freelancing in production.

I’m always looking for new projects, contact me if you’d like to work together.

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